Instructions Following Dental Implants

  1. It is important to take all medication as directed. The antibiotics should be taken until finished. If you experience any adverse side effects to the medications, please contact our office immediately.
  2. Ice should be applied to the outside of the face in the area operated on, using it on for 20 minutes and then leaving it off for 20 minutes. This should be continued as needed for the first 48-hour period following surgery.
  3. Swelling on the first or second day is normal. This may worsen up to three days following the surgery and persist for several weeks.
  4. Occasional bleeding is normal for the first several days. If it appears excessive, please call the office.
  5. If a healing abutment is placed, please refrain from chewing hard foods directly on the abutment.
  6. Pain is normal following surgery and may occur for the first 7-14 days. Take medications as directed for pain.
  7. Smoking or using tobacco products can adversely affect the success of the surgical procedure and should be curtailed.
  8. Please feel free to call our office if there is a problem or concern.
  9. If a sinus graft was performed at the time of implant placement, please refrain from nose blowing for the first 2 weeks.