Pre-Operative IV Sedation Instructions

  1. Patients are not permitted to eat solid food including milk up to 8 hours prior to surgery (unless otherwise directed by the doctor).
  2. Patients are permitted clear liquids including jello & black coffee after midnight up until 3 hours prior to surgery.
  3. Patient are no permitted to drive for 24 hours following surgery. Arrangements are to be made for a ride to and from the surgery.
  4. Wear a shirt or blouse that permits the sleeves to be easily raised.
  5. If pre-medication is required or medications are taken daily, these can be taken with a sip of water.
  6. After arriving home following the surgery, drowsiness or sleepiness is normal. The patient should have a responsible adult present for several hours with them after arriving home.
  7. Patients should not operate heavy equipment, power tools or other potentially dangerous machinery or utensils for 24 hours.
  8. Any changes in your health history between the time of your consultation and day of your surgery need to be reported to the office at least 24 hours prior. This includes any additions or discontinuation of medications.