Pre-Operative Oral Sedation Instructions

  1. Call the office within 24 hours of your appointment if there has been a change in your health or medications.
  2. Avoid alcohol or other mind altering substances for at least 12 hours prior to the appointment and the next 24 hours following the appointment.
  3. Take the prescribed oral sedation medication one hour prior to the appointment time on an empty stomach.
  4. You will need a competent escort of legal age (> 18 years old) to remain with you from the time you take the medication. In addition to driving you to the appointment, the escort will need to remain in the office until after the procedure is finished to review aftercare and medication instructions. After instructions are given to both you and your escort, you will be released to their custody.
  5. The medication could affect you for up to 24 hours. You have been informed not to drive, operate equipment, sign legal documents or use any alcohol/mind altering substances unless prescribed.